Our Story

We are Christine & Kristen. Longtime friends, co-founders of Seesaw Society, but most importantly mothers to six sweet, funny and energetic little ones between us. As moms, we are passionate about bringing you special, premium quality clothing that you and your child will not only love, but turn to again and again. Playful styles that capture the simple, everyday whimsy of childhood and make getting dressed much more fun! We search high and low for our fabrics--only the softest cottons and unique prints make the cut. Every single piece we produce is a labor of love from start to finish--locally designed (by us!) and handmade right here in Chicago. And because we understand (all too well) how challenging "fit" can be when it comes to little ones, we offer free shipping and free returns on every purchase. We have loved this brand since long before the day we launched in 2012, and we will continue to work as hard as we can to bring you the very best. 
Christine & Kristen - Co-Founders, Seesaw Society
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